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CBD and insomnia

Every year the number of people suffering from sleep disorders and lack of sufficient sleep is increasing. About 70 million people from the United States alone suffer from insomnia or some form of sleeping disorder. Sleep-related problems also commonly accompany mental health issues. Currently, various forms of medications and treatments are available for treating these disorders although some of the medication prescribed also has serious side effects on overall health. Addiction to pills used for inducing sleep is also common. CBD opens a scope of being a healthier alternative to existing medications and treatments for insomnia which could also be effective.

CBD is the non-psychoactive substance present in cannabis that has been responsible for various health benefits associated with the plant. It acts as a phytocannabinoid and interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body to enhance its functioning without giving the high. CBD has attracted attention from around the world for being an efficient painkiller and is currently prescribed for chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. Research to understand the use of CBD to treat various other conditions have also been under progress and one such area is a sleep disorder.

Insomnia or various sleep disorders are often linked to bad lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, medications, consumption of excess caffeine, mental health problems etc. The anti-anxiety properties of marijuana can come handy in relaxing the body and mind drifting you to sleep. Similarly, while the causes vary marijuana does serve as a common ingredient that can help combat sleep disorders. If you live in a state where CBD is legal then you can easily procure it from a licensed marijuana dispensary.

Is it possible?
THC and CBD are the two major components present in Cannabis that are responsible for various medical applications of this plant. CBD primarily contributes to the health benefits associated with Cannabis whereas THC is the psychoactive substance that induces a feeling of high. Apart from inducing the high, THC has also been responsible for inducing sleep according to a study. By interacting with the body it has the ability to influence REM sleep cycle, depth of sleep, how quick a person can fall asleep etc. For many years it was believed that only THC dominant strains can be useful for inducing sleep and treatment for sleep-related disorders.

But recent research suggests that CBD can also be actively used to induce sleep in case of patients suffering from insomnia. THC causes a sleepy feeling in individuals, the same effect sleeping pills would have, whereas CBD helps them fall asleep. It does not have sedative properties and instead helps relax the muscles, body, and mind completely and ease them into sleep. This is among the primary reason behind why CBD could be a much efficient alternative use of the THC component. This is where a strain such as blueberry autoflowering seeds could come in handy with high CBD content.

How CBD creates this effect?
CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body that is responsible for the proper functioning of various organs. The CB receptors present in different parts of the brain connect with the nervous and cardiovascular system. Stress is among the most common reason for insomnia and other sleep disorders in individuals. Changing lifestyle has put a lot of pressure on people who succumb to these situations resulting in such health problems. CBD naturally interacts with the brain and helps improve cognitive function and helps balance the way it reacts to stressful situations. A study states that this helps negate the negative effects caused in the person due to stress and instead helps them escape the stress cycle. It substitutes the melatonin that is responsible for the circadian rhythm that can help the person achieve deeper and more structured sleep patterns. This effect is similar to how the use of steroids before and after workouts helps enhance the benefits of the same by altering the chemical makeup of the body.

CBD is also effective in reducing anxiety, depression and various other mental health problems which also stand as a primary root cause for sleep problems. Chronic pain is yet another cause of sleep disorders which has also shown a positive response to the use of CBD. A study also evaluates the use of CBD to treat insomnia related to PTSD where the subject showed significant improvement in sleep patterns after exposure to small doses regularly. Yet there are not enough clinical trials with human subjects to evaluate the effectiveness of CBD for treating sleep disorders completely.

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How to use?
Small dosage is the key to harnessing the power of CBD for treating sleep-related disorders. Terpenes are the essential oils which are present in the cannabis plant and contribute to the therapeutic benefits associated with it. By exposing the body to a small amount of the same one can achieve complete body and mind relaxation and ease into sleep. CBD oils are the best form to consume for a good night’s sleep.

CBD is spreading across the world to give people benefits that help them cherish a better quality of life. Legalization has enabled more research to take place that will help scientists understand the true potential of this compound better and also design therapies and treatments that will help derive the best benefits from the same